AFSA is governed by an Executive Board.

The day-to-day operation of AFSA is the responsibility of the Executive Board, Scientific Panels and the Advisory Team.

Executive Board

  • The board ensures that the Authority functions effectively and efficiently, delivers its mandate as defined in its founding Regulation and meets the expectations of Asian and national institutions, stakeholders and the public.
  • The board has 19 members with a wide range of expertise related to the food chain but do not represent a government, organisation or sector. Four members have a background in organisations representing consumers and other interests in the food chain.
  • The Board’s decisions are taken by a majority of its members.

The board’s key tasks are:

  • To establish AFSA’s budget and work programmes and monitor their implementation
  • To appoint the Executive Board and members of the Scientific Committee and the Advisory Committee
  • To ensure that AFSA’s priorities are in line with its mandate and key missions
  • To ensure appropriate financial management and accountability.

Operational management

AFSA’s President, currently Takashi UEMURA (re-appointed in 2016), and Dr. Latiful Bari as general Secretary (re-appointed in 2016) is the legal representative of the Authority. They are responsible for all operational matters, staffing issues and drawing up the annual work programme in consultation.