Mission and Vision

Asian Food Safety and Security Association (AFSA) has a mission to ensure and promote food safety practices along the food chain from farm to fork. The Association provides a platform for experience sharing among food safety professionals and the food trade through education, conferences, workshops, plant visits, and related activities. Through alliances with the Mainland and overseas food safety bodies, we hope to further promote the World Food Safety Directive within the food industry.

The main objective of AFSA is as follows:

  • To forge effective cooperation among the member states in areas including climate change, food safety and food security
  • To disseminate research findings and future research in food safety and security
  • To help in building Asian Food Safety and Security Network
  • To help educational institutions by supplying equipment, books, materials, ideas, etc.
  • To exchange views, ideas by organizing seminars, symposia, conferences and meetings
  • To help secure funds for students to attend seminar, conferences, training programs
  • To lunch a Journal on Food Safety and Food Security with a focus on current trends and needs in Asia