Asian Food Safety and Security Association (AFSA)

Conferences on

September 15-17, 2012

Venue: Rinku Campus, Osaka Prefecture University,

OSAKA, Japan

“1st AFSA Conference on Food Safety and Food Security”


This is the proceedings of the first Asian Food Safety & Security Association (AFSSA) Conferences held at Osaka Prefecture University in September 15-17, 2012, however, the process of holding annual conferences started since 2005 and was limited between Japan and Bangladesh. The first annual general meeting of the Bangladesh-Japan Association for Science and Technology (BJAST) was organized by former BJAST chairman Professor Majibur Rahman and Professor Takashi Uemura, and was held at Dhaka in December 27-28, 2005. The BJAST was established with the hope to give a platform of Bangladeshi students/researchers studying/working in related fields in Japan. The second BJAST international conference was held at the Kinki University in Nara, Japan in 2007. The third one at the University of Dhaka in 2008, the forth at Nara Advanced Institutes of Science & Technology in 2009 and the fifth annual meeting was held in Dhaka in 2010 and more than 11 Asian countries participants were presented their research work. The past presentations are summarized in two proceedings books published from The Bangladesh Academy Sciences entitled; Food Safety & Hygiene (ISBN: 984-300-001933-4) and Food, Health and Environments (ISBN: 397-984-33- 4982-9). With the increasing participants from other countries in BJAST conferences, the 5th BJAST annual meeting decided to the formation of Asian Food Safety & Security Association (AFSSA). The AFSSA is a non-profitable voluntary organization aiming to provide a solution of food related challenges not for people in Asia but also for over seven billion people of the world and its main office is located at the CARS (Centre for Advanced Research in Science), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.



 10:00 Preparation of meeting room etc. Assemble and distribute responsibilities

 12:00 Lunch (2nd Floor, Invited and foreign participants only)

 13:00 Registration (1st Floor, Entrance Hall)

 Poster presenter hang poster (5th Floor Hall, collect clip, board, place, number, pin etc.)

Opening Session                                                           

15:00 Opening ceremony (5th Floor, Room No. A503)

15:30 Keynote lectures (each 30min)

(Chair: Prof. Sadao Komemushi)

15:30 Key1 Prof. Ryohei Kada

Impacts of Environmental Changes on Expanding Food-Health Risks in Asia

(Chair: Prof. Jin-ichi Sasaki)

16:00 Key2 Prof. Larry R. Bauchat

Decontamination of fresh product: What are the challenges to achieving success?

(Chair: Prof. Ryohei Kada)

16:30 Key 3 Prof. Deog-Hwan Oh

Korean Perspectives on Food Safety and Regulations

17:00   End of Keynote Lectures

17:30 Welcome party (2nd Floor, Dining Room)

20:30 End of party

08:30 Organizer assemble

09:00 scientific session (5th Floor, RoomNo.A503)


 Part 1 Food Safety and Security                                                     

(Chair: Dr. Latiful Bari and Prof. Deog-Hwan Oh)

Part 2 Microbial Control                                                           

(Chair: Prof. Anwar Hossain and Prof. Sadao Komemushi)

Part 3    Foodstuff                                                                 

(Chair: Prof. Md. Mozammel Hoq and Prof. Takashi Uemura)

Part 4 Microbiology and its Detection                                                

(Chair: Dr. Latiful Bari and Dr. Yasuhiro Inatsu)